Energy Healings


The Institute offers the following types of Energy Healings:

A.  Aura Reading & Healing

B.  Astral Healing                  

C.  Energy Specific Healing  

A. Aura Reading & Healing


An Aura Reading & Healing is a structured energy healing where the reader tunes in and energetically reads the 7 layers of your aura in present time.  Each layer of your aura relates to specific parts of you:

1st Layer:  How you create safety in your body                            

2nd Layer:  Your emotional energy                                                    

3rd Layer:  Your will power and how you use your energy           

4th Layer:  Your affinity for yourself and others                             

5th Layer:  Your communication and inner voice                           

6th Layer:  Clear seeing                                                                       

7th Layer:  Your knowingness and getting answers for yourself

During the reading, the reader may find unwanted or stuck energy and with your permission help you remove it.  Time is reserved for your questions.

Time:  An Aura Reading & Healing session is usually 1 hour long.

Sessions can be done in person or over the phone.


B. Astral Healing


An Astral Healing is when the healer tunes into a very specific vibration of your spiritual energy system called an astral body.  The healer picks up information about you and helps clear areas of concern.  Your astral body is then rebuilt with your own original energy (original essence).  An Astral Healing can help heal physical and other types of issues you may have.  As you heal the spirit, the spirit heals the body.

Time is reserved for your questions.

Time:  In person Astral Healing sessions are 1 hour long. 

Astral Healing sessions can also be done at night while you are sleeping.

​"When I first saw Richard I felt fatigued, upset and stressed.  When we were finished I felt 100 percent better on all these levels."  J.P.


C. Energy Specific Healing


Energy healings can be done for specific topics:

-  Creative Healing

-  Relationships

-  Work

-  Health

-  Abundance

-  Questions and answers

-  Issues specific to you

Time:  Energy Specific Healing sessions are usually 1 hour long.



All Professional In-Person Energy Healing Sessions:

  1 hour healing sessions are $85.

  Costs may vary at different locations in the Chicago land area.

All Professional Phone Energy Healing Sessions:

 1/2 hour phone healing sessions are $40.

 1 hour phone healing sessions are $75.

Overnight Astral Healings:  $42.


Student Energy Healing Sessions:


​  Free (limited time slots are available).