Standard Classes

1.   Managing Stress & Anxiety 

2.   Energy Self Healing Classes

3.   Reading Energy Program    

1. Managing Stress & Anxiety

1 Day (2 hrs) Workshop $40


This one day class is open to everyone. 

-  Learn how to quickly move out of stress mode into relaxation mode.

-  Learn how to quiet your brain, get your answers for yourself and find your center.

-  Learn how different types of fear/stress/anxiety affects you.

-  Learn how to clear other people's anxious energy out of you.

-  Learn to be more in present time.

These Mindful Meditation and Energy techniques are simple to do and can be done while sitting in a chair.

“Richard teaches classes on how to clear the energy that we encounter in our daily lives, to bolster our sense of calm, to enhance our health and well being.

During these challenging days that we are facing, acquiring or further honing the ability to clear the energy fields that affect us feels like a necessary skill to help us reach a true sense of peace.” S.R.


Energy Clearing Video

Learn how to clear unwanted energy.  (4 minutes long)

2. Energy Self Healing Classes

4 days (2hrs) class series $40 each class


This class is a beginning foundation class open to healing professionals and everyday people who are interested in healing themselves energetically.  This class is designed to help you develop life skills to better navigate your world.  You will be taught simple meditation tools and techniques to heal yourself.  

You will better understand the energy exchange that happens between people as well as the energy that we carry throughout our lives.    

You will see how past experiences can still be affecting and controlling you in present time and how to clear them.

In this class you will learn how to:

-  Clear your mind and body

-  Call back your life force energy

-  De-charge negative experiences

-  Establish healthy boundaries

-  Manifest more of what you want in life

-  Make a room safe for yourself

-  How to use earth & cosmic energy to heal yourself

-  How to create your spiritual "space"

-  Be more in present time

-  Be more grounded and centered

-  Mindful Meditation Techniques for stress and anxiety

-  And more ...

What to expect in the class:

Most self healing techniques will be done while sitting in a chair with your eyes closed.  These techniques are simple and easy to do.  No deep heavy concentration is needed.  In fact, it is not recommended.

Everyone's experiences will be different.  There is no right or wrong way to experience these techniques.

Students will have the opportunity to learn, experience and practice these techniques and have permission to make plenty of mistakes.  Making mistakes are just another way of learning.

Course Objective:

The overall goal of these techniques is to free yourself from the things that may be blocking you from creating and enjoying the life you want.

You may find that you begin to see yourself and others in a new light along with enjoying your interactions with others instead of avoiding them.

Prerequisites:  none

What to bring:

Wear comfortable clothes.  Bringing pencils, paper and audio recorders are optional.


This class series is 4 days long,  each class is 2 hours long.


The cost for each class day is generally $40 but may vary at different locations.


This class teaches a specific style of mindful meditation.  Recent studies have found that meditation helps to lower stress, relieve depression and has many other health benefits. 

"Meditation class has been helpful in my life, by teaching me how to get in touch with my feelings, and to heal old wounds.  I would highly recommend it to everyone who wants to find peace within themselves."  B.K.


Energy & Self Healing Workbook


by Richard Popp

Learn Energy Self Healing Techniques.  You can now Download Free Kindle Apps and then buy the download of this book.

3. Energy Reading Program

15 (3hrs) classes $65 each class


This 15 month intensive program teaches you how to give a professional energy reading and healing.  This style of reading energy was originally developed by the late Lewis S. Bostwick, founder of the Berkeley Psychic Institute.  

You will learn how to move into a light trance, raise your energy level, tune into the person you are healing and read the 7 layers of their aura.  With the permission of the healee, you will help release stuck and unwanted energy out of their aura and restore their own unique energy. 

You will learn about past lives, karma, spirit guides, spiritual contracts, how to tell the difference between a truth and a lie and the power of neutrality.

You will also learn how to:

-  Turn on and off your healing energy

-  How not to use or give away your own energy

-  How to protect yourself while healing others

-  How to heal yourself while your are healing others

-  How to stay centered and neutral while you're healing

-  How to make separations after the healing

​-  How to clear your creative channels and your communication with your higher self

Other topics that will be covered:

-  Forgiveness

-  Growth Periods

-  Creative Rings

-  Healthy Boundaries

​-  And more ....

Classes will be set in the energy of kindergarten.  You will have permission to learn and develop your spiritual abilities with joy, amusement and permission to make mistakes.

Class time will cover new material, giving and receiving energy readings/healings and practice working on different people.


Practice clearing and owning your space so that you can:

  • Be the unique authentic you.
  • Develop your spiritual awareness & abilities.
  • Fulfill your life's purpose.
  • Evolve & grow as a soul. 


Class will meet once a month for 15 months.  Each class is 2 1/2 hours long.


Cost is $65 per class, payable on the day of the class.


Completion of the Energy & Self Healing Class and approval from the directer.


-  You are a spirit that manifests in a physical body.

-  Healing yourself and others helps you to grow and develop as a soul.

-  You have free will to pursue your own unique spiritual path.

"The energy work that I have done with Richard Popp has been instrumental in assisting me to really begin clearing all the 'stuff' that gets in my way of truly being present to life. You know the stuff: negative thoughts and feelings that take over your mind, being stuck in a cycle and not being able to get where you think you want to go, taking on other peoples stuff to the point where you don't know what is you and what is others."  M.W.


Gold Suns Meditation Video

Learn to clear call back your own unique energy.  (4 minutes long)


Managing Stress & Anxiety Workshop

1.5 Hours:


This is a fun workshop were you will learn:

 -  how to heal yourself energetically 


 -  how to quiet your mind   

 -  how to better manage your stress & anxiety


Date:  This class is always available unpon request.  Contact us to schedule date and location.


Inner Harmony of Body and Mind

2 hours

Learn simple techniques to bring your body, mind and spirit in sync.

There are many benefits:

-  Balanced heart beat

-  Heals body

-  Stay younger longer

-  Increase tolerance

-  More resilient

-  More coherence

-  Reduce fears,stress,anxiety

-  increased immunity

-  increased emotional composure

-  Clearer thinking

-  More positive outlook

-  Increased energy

-  Increased calm

-  and more ...

Date:  Tuesday, May 12th, 2020

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Location:  Golf Maine Park District, 8800 W. Kathy Lane, Niles, Il. 60714

Cost: $10

Registration:  Call Golf Maine Park 847-297-3000  or come 15 minutes early


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