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All prayer requests will be prayed for the "Highest Good".

All prayer requests will be kept confidential.

After 30 days, your request will be destroyed.

You may submit more than one prayer request.

Helpful Hints:

-  Word your prayer request in the positive.  For example:  "God, please help me find a healthy and happy relationship."

-  Don't pray to control or take away someone else's free will.  For example:  "God, help John Doe love me".

Praying for the World   (Please join me in my daily world prayer):

Dear God,

  Please help earth have a healthy atmosphere, air, water, land, plant and animal  diversity and population.

  Please help us humans get along together and live in peace and respect for each other. 

 Please help us accept each others diversity in race, sex, religion, culture, country and anything else that divides us. 


  Please help us respect and take care of earth and all its living plants and creatures.

  Please help me be a model for this prayer request.

Thank you God.  


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